Machinery Management

Machinery Management


One fixed monthly payment includes:-

► all insurances

► all parts

► Regular maintenance

► Immediate breakdown service

► Back up machines if required

► Expert, and independent, advice


BSF developed the concept of dedicated golf course Machinery Management Contracts in 1989 and is now Australia's pre-eminent provider of what is becoming the preferred option for golf courses requiring reliability and cost effectiveness.

The golf clubs currently using this service range from small 9 hole golf courses to top 100 listed 54 hole golf courses.

Under a contract, BSF provides new machinery, regular maintenance service, all parts and labour and insurances.

Similar in style to car fleet management, these contracts provide a complete package that relieves Club management of the day to day responsibility for the administration of the course machinery.

Since its predominant business is not that of new machinery sales, BSF is in a unique position to provide the best possible independent advice on the mix of machinery; this is one of the strengths of such a contract.

After 30 years of operating these contracts, BSF has gained a thorough understanding of the needs of all types of golf courses. Any club considering the system can therefore be assured of the best possible advice before commiting to a contract.